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We are the same and we tailored the after-work concept to encourage inter-personal connections, sharing ideas in a relaxed online environment, all at a national level. So, wherever you are, join our forces and let's build this community.

DevAfterWork started its journey as a common playground where the IT&C Community shares ideas with local or international specialists, gets new insights and gives voice for their personal initiatives in the IT field.

With every event, we are growing in the following areas: DevOps, Telecom, Java, Web, Big Data, Cloud, Mobile and much more.

Since 2014, DevTalks Romania has become a driver of change for the tech world, connecting IT professionals and developers, businesses and startups from all around the world through its events: DevTalks Bucharest, DevTalks Cluj, DevCon, DevHacks and DevAfterWork. Thus, the DevTalks network, is succeeding to cover all year with valuable content and gatherings of the IT Community enlarging the network to more than 16 0000 IT professionals and developers from all over Romania and internationally.

Join our forces and check what's next!

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Cristian Cornea

Lead Programmer
Ubisoft Romania

Dr. Lie Zhang

Product Owner of UnaVista Data Analytics
LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group)

Silviu Badea

Cloud SDET


Senior Developer

Liviu Spiroiu

Java Software Development Team Leader & Scrum Master

Paul Claudiu Onac

QC Technical Director
Ubisoft Romania

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