Unveiling the Power of Java - Exploring Skills and Trends at DevAfterWork - DevAfterWork

Unveiling the Power of Java - Exploring Skills and Trends at DevAfterWork

Unveiling the Power of Java - Exploring Skills and Trends at DevAfterWork

Unveiling the Power of Java - Exploring Skills and Trends at DevAfterWork

About Java

You already know that Java is one of the most popular programming languages today, which has continued to evolve consistently in order to keep up with the times. Known for its simplicity and security features, Java is a very flexible language.

Join us as we uncover the secrets of Java, from its fundamental principles to its advanced techniques. Discover how Java has revolutionized industries, from enterprise software development to mobile app creation. Explore its role in powering everything from web applications to Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

So, grab your coffee, sit back, and embark on a journey through the vast and dynamic landscape of Java. Whether you're looking to develop your skills or simply satisfy your curiosity, this article will help you to bring you a wide perspective of what skills a developer should develop and how can you maximize your know-how by attending our DevAfterWork sessions wich are taylored together with our partners. 

How to be a skilled Java developer?

Here are some skills that you should watch into if you are a skilled Java developer. In this case, these skills can be divided into two categories: hard and soft. 

Hard Skills:

Proficiency in Java programming language and its functionalities

Knowledge of design patterns (behavioural, structural, creational)

Understanding of abstract classes

Familiarity with DevOps principles

Mastery of Java build tools

Competence in Java testing and testing tools

Understanding of Java Enterprise Edition components and API skills

Soft Skills:

Teamwork spirit


Organizational skills

Time management

Communication skills

Problem-solving abilities

Patience and persistence

Attention to detail

Algorithmic thinking

Check our DevAfterWork event powerd by Raiffeisen Bank

We are constantly developing our formats. What will you notice is that we are focused to discuss more about how to become more efficient in your day-to-day work, how to use certain skills in your team and what are the latest trends. On 11th of April, join us for a new edition of DevAfterWork powered by Raiffeisen Bank. Our professional team will debate “People and Data in the Age of Programming” as the key topic of the conference. So, meet our experts and find out more about Java, as one of the most popular programming languages, but also about the banking security as one of today’s main challenges. 

Our partner for this edition is Raiffeisen Bank team which takes pride in its 26 year history on the Romanian market. Collaboration, responsbility, learning and proactivity are their main values, on which they rely on to build a reference financial ecosystem in all the countries where they operate. In Romania, they are a team of over 5000 responsible professionals. They think long-term and promote partnership, integrity, respect and diversity.

In the framework of the event, Andreea Cristina Rozoleanu, one of our speakers, will share some valuable pieces of information about Java and its utility even in the banking area. Andreea works as a Java Digital Developer at Raiffeisen and one of her passions is undoubtedly writing code. Armed with her trusty keyboard and fuelled by endless cups of coffee, she is ready to approach the topic “Quantum Java: Bringing the Future of Programming Today”. In this part of the event, you will find out more about Quantum computing, with its potential to revolutionise various industries, including banking security.

Our insightful conference is centred on the intersection between banking security and Java as one of today's main challenges is balancing business needs and security requirements. In this topic, Daniela Ileana Dobrin and Mihaela Constantin will approach ”Safeguarding Customers Online Presence in Today's Hyperconnected World”. In today's digital age, the fulfillment of customer needs has been significantly impacted so the experts join us to discuss the process by which ideas can be transformed into tangible products, taking into consideration actual cybersecurity challenges.

Why should you attend our event?

Why should you attend our event? Well, you will learn more about the latest technologies in the programming language while also finding out about the role cyber security plays in the domain. You will also have the opportunity to network with other professionals in the area, exchange ideas, and share best practices. Moreover, our event focuses on professional growth which means that you can expand your professional network, build relationships, and stay updated on industry trends and developments. But do not forget, DevAfterWork combines the technology with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, so you can learn new skills while enjoying the greatest vibe after a Thursday at work.

Check our www.deafterwork.ro news and events and stay tunned for the next announcements. See you at DevAfterWork!