DevAfterWork is a series of informal networking events for the developers’ community. The events are specially tailored for an “after work” context, so the participants can learn from and connect with both local and international speakers in a more relaxed environment

DevAfterWork is a series of informal networking events for the developers’ community. The events are specially tailored for an “after work” context, so the participants can learn from and connect with both local and international speakers in a more relaxed environment

Registrations closed for 2017. See you in 2018!
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Past Event: DevAfterWork powered by Harman

On 7th of December we are inviting you at DevAfterWork to discuss about Automotive and what’s behind the scene. The Agenda will develop the following topics: Product lifecycle, Tools & Technologies and a study case on BMW Multimedia Features & Functionalities. That sounds cool! Save the date in your calendar!

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Past Event: DevAfterWork powered by Ericsson Romania

It’s the gray area that covers the unknown, it’s the department that fixes the incidents in the middle of the night, it’s the methodology that handles the unknown process gaps or the engineers that keep changing the product without you feeling any impact. If any of this sounds familiar come meet our DevOps teams working in IoT and Broadcast areas, on November, the 28th. You would see two flavors of DevOps across two “as a service platforms”.

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Past Event: DevAfterWork powered by Metro Systems

On November the 16th, we invite you to meet our technical teams and find out more about MetroSystems. We’ll talk about Continuous Delivery Pipeline in Oracle & Java worlds togheter with Alexandra, Cristian, Sorin si Catalin.
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  Past Event: DevAfterWork powered by Gameloft Enterprise Solutions

On 2nd of November we are launching you the invitation to meet our technical teams and find out more about Gameloft Enterprise Solutions.
We’ll talk about Augmented Reality Experiments, how we use Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Scalable Microservices using SpringCloud. Excited to see you there and don’t forget to book your calendar!


Past Event: DevAfterWork powered by eMAG

Beyond the eMAG ecommerce business, there are over 50 apps that are successfully used in all four countries where we have offices: Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland. These range from the eMAG ecommerce platform, warehouse management and product documentation apps to those used for marketplace, call center services and even our own search engine, called ELISSE. We want to keep in touch with the industry and give the ones passionate about IT the context to meet each other, share key learnings and take a pick at what happens behind the curtains of eMAG – a Dev session powered by us. Want to join? Don’t forget to register here !


Past Event: #unCommon summer@theoffice

The overtime spent at the office can be more enjoyable when watching a movie, a theatre play or a smart comedy show, together with your colleagues and friends.  
#unCommon summer@theoffice is a cultural program of DB Global Technology, presenting in an unconventional space, Romanian and foreign productions from international film festivals, outstanding and engaging theatre plays, meant to transform the time spent at the office.


Past event: DevAfterWork empowered by Ubisoft

On March 23 we are waiting for you to book your seat at DevAfterWork empowered by Ubisoft. Don’t miss great talks on .Net and Big Data! 
A series of presentations & case studies, followed by nice talks and… a delicious beer tasting event. 
Make sure you don’t miss the surprise goodies! 


Past Event: DevAfterWork with Amazon Czech Republic 

Amazon launches you the invitation to a 3 hours’ meeting with technical and informal talks dedicated to the IT community. This is the perfect way to meet the current Amazon Operations IT employees and hiring managers to hear about life at Amazon and discover why this is the perfect place to experiment and innovate.
Our special guests at the event will be Jan Kafka, EU ITRSS Manager, and Henrik Schmidt, Sr Manager EU ITRSS. With a vast exprience working in an international environment, the speakers will present some case studies and challenges met along their careers and also some benefits of joining Amazon in Prague. For more details about the topics that will be discussed at the event please access our Agenda.

Past Event: DevAfterWork powered by Ericsson

Discover how to face the challenges of Agile development and join a session with useful cases on Internet of Things at DevAfterWork powered by Ericsson.
Find out more! Agile could be a better approach for the implementation in the dynamic IoT environment that is different from a traditional ICT domain. Have a closer look to the most efficient techniques used by professionals from Ericsson!

Past Event: DevAfterWork empowered by DB Global Technology Center

IT with heels is dedicated to technology ladies who have not only chosen their career in technology, but also show leadership and inspiration for their teams, colleagues and customers.
DB Global Technology, Deutsche Bank’s technology centre in Central and Eastern Europe, invites you to meet and learn from successful women in tech. The speakers, both local and international, will share their experiences that led to successful careers in technology. Join us on 26th of October, starting 17.45 hrs., for this special event dedicated to all the IT ladies. Well be waiting for you at DB Global Technology offices, 6A Dimitrie Pompeiu Blvd., 1st floor.

Past Event: DevAfterWork empowered by ING

Ever heard of a place called Trading Room? It’s not exactly a place people speak about every day, but for sure it is one of the most unconventional and technologized rooms one can enter.
Let’s put it this way: a trading room is the place where magic happens, where traders and dealers shape the worlds economy on the stock exchange. With a WallStreet atmosphere, this is the place where big transactions take place, where shares and bonds are traded in every possible currency and huge amounts are being bought and sold. Also, this is the place where new age technologies are implemented before anywhere else in a company. Come hear more from experts in one of the most advanced company in this field and learn how Romania has become a landmark in this industry. Our friends from ING are here to share how technology reshaped their company and how the techies in Amsterdam, Singapore and Romania work together in one of the most challenging projects one can think of: redefining the Trading Room through technology.




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