Debugging Leadership

Life is full of crossroads and the career of a software developer is no different. Whether it’s because one day you wake up hating your job and you decide to make a change, or maybe because a piece of code can’t tell you how much it appreciates that you’ve written beautiful tests for it, there comes a time when every software developer decides to take a path closer to human interaction, rather than machine interaction.

You might decide to become a teacher and pass on your knowledge, or maybe you like helping people grow and planning things more than teaching a machine to “walk”, or maybe you just want to be an example for your teammates. No matter how you look at it, these things sound a bit scary. What if you fail? What if you don’t like it as much as you thought? Where do you begin? I can’t answer these questions for you, but I can try to give you a head start!

Together, let’s debug my road to leadership and explore the things that I’ve learned along the way, the problems that I’ve encountered and the mistakes that I’ve made, in the hopes that my experience will help you on your journey, no matter which path you choose (Scrum Master, team lead, architect, project manager etc).

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