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On November 7th we are launching an edition focusing on winning solutions for task automation when it comes to testing, and also on Big Data and how it impacts our business and private lives.



And because we have received many requests to discuss about leadership too, we are bringing to the table a session about debugging leadership. You might decide to become a teacher and pass on your knowledge, or maybe you like helping people grow and planning things more than teaching a machine to “walk”, or maybe you just want to be an example for your teammates. No matter how you look at it, these things sound a bit scary. What if you fail? What if you don’t like it as much as you thought? Where do you begin? We can’t answer all the questions, but maybe we can have a small contribution.



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18:30 - 19:00

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19:00 - 19:30

Automation with Protractor & Cucumber & Typescript using Docker Read More...

Why is this technology stack the winning solution for automation tasks? Let’s see together in this interactive presentation focused on our products for the Defence industry.

19:30 - 19:50

Debugging Leadership

Life is full of crossroads and the career of a software developer is no different.

19:50 - 20:00


20:00 - 20:20

The Big Data Revolution

There are some things that are so big that they have implications for everyone’s life.

20:20 - 21:00

Networking & drinks

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Test Automation Engineer


Project Manager


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