DevSecOps- Key to Success in the cloud first world (including Q & A)

DevSecOps- Key to Success in the cloud first world (including Q & A)
DevOps - best practices

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 DevOps is no new concept to the IT community today. However, as the industry scales in handling delivery of complex ecosystems of applications, continuous testing will become an increasingly inevitable piece to ensure alignment with business, user and market needs. Continuous testing will focus not just on the functional elements but also the non-functional areas such as security. Herein, DecSecOps will take a prominent center stage in ensuring delivery can rise to the traditional security challenges. In this keynote, I will cover:

  • How Security will be increasingly introduced to the DevOps environments
  • The cultural shift to DevSecOps focusing on people and process besides technology
  • Building resilience in the hybrid, cloud-first environments with DevSecOps and the evolution of DevSecOps in the world of AI/ML

These together will help leaders and practitioners take back actionable insights to truly scale in the world of continuous testing focusing on the much-needed facet of security in today’s age of skyrocketing digital transformation.

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