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We Put Quality in Its Place: Everywhere.

At Qualitest, we believe quality should come first. And last. And everywhere in between. We're leaders in a new movement that merges software development and testing into one continuous flow of quality engineering, empowered by DevOps and Agile methodologies. We support the entire SDLC, from planning and development through release, meeting rapid-fire release schedules in record-breaking time. Our engineers are the best of the best: developers, innovators and business analysts as well as testers, with the training and deep industry expertise to build and lead cross-functional teams. Every Qualitest solution is customized to align with business purpose, improve user experience and save time and costs with AI-powered automation.

Partnering with the world's best-known brands, we deliver services that include:

  • Strategic consultancy
  • Software development
  • Scaled Agile
  • DevOps
  • Automation frameworks
  • Usability
  • Cyber
  • Much more. 

Our client-partners and their customers deserve quality that never quits. Qualitest delivers, every time. 

Be More At Qualitest. Every day with Qualitest is an opportunity to innovate, grow and change. Growth and impact underpin all that we do. Qualitest is dedicated to helping others reach their potential. We make it our mission to empower our employees to become our ambassadors of knowledge and expertise and to share their experience with our clients.


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18:00 - 18:10

Intro & Opening

18:10 - 18:55

Construct robust ansible playbooks for native Kubernetes & Enabling auditing in native kubernetes. (including Q & A)

Eugen Robu
Eugen Robu Speaker
18:55 - 19:05

Activation / Networking Break

19:50 - 19:55


Event Speakers

Eugen Robu

Senior DevOps Engineer

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