Stefan Pantea

Stefan Pantea

Scala Developer and Technical Lead at Metro Systems

Scala Developer and Technical Lead at Metro Systems Romania. In 2000s Stefan discovered his passion for writing code and solving technical challenges with C++ and C#. He then moved to develop web applications using Java, Python and more recently Scala. Stefan also has a Masters Degree in Artificial Intelligence from University of Southampton and has a keen interest in machine learning.

Things you will find out from my talk:
– What is functional programming, key functional programming characteristics and concepts and why functional programming is gaining popularity and why is it attractive
– Scala basic toolset
– Monad – what the hell is that??

Developing reactive microservices with Scala – from zero to scale

Achieving scale and speed in reactive microservice architectures, touching aspects like: – the basics of functional programming with Scala, why it is important and what is the basic toolset of a functional programmer – typical tech stacks used in building reactive microservices – Scala, Akka, Cassandra, Docker and Kubernetes – hands on – development and […]