Marius – Augustin Gligor

Marius – Augustin Gligor

Senior Software Developer and Architect at Metro Systems

I’m a Senior Software Developer and Architect, having more than 30 years experience as IT engineer. Polyglot developer, fluent in Scala, Java, Python, C and C++ programming languages. Comfortable with Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems environments.

From my presentation you should learn about:

– How to design and implement reactive JSON REST microservices using Scala, Akka, Akka-Http, Cassandra NoSQL database.
– How to documents your microservices with Swagger
– How to test and deploy your microservices

Developing reactive microservices with Scala – from zero to scale

Achieving scale and speed in reactive microservice architectures, touching aspects like: – the basics of functional programming with Scala, why it is important and what is the basic toolset of a functional programmer – typical tech stacks used in building reactive microservices – Scala, Akka, Cassandra, Docker and Kubernetes – hands on – development and […]