Cristian URSU

Cristian URSU

Head of Internet and Mobile development team

We develop apps for clients as we are customers of the bank. So we can notice daily the result of the written code and we always find ideas of new functionalities or improvement of existing ones.

The user experience is first and foremost we are trying to make available online, simply, safely and quickly all the operations available in the branch.

But simple for the client means that we manage all the complexity of the processes and the interaction with the other systems with the help of technology. And that’s what we like to do.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in targeting customers

Biometric Authentication in Mobile Banking APP

-short intro PSD2 -analysis of market solutions, PoCs -the challenge posed by SQL users and the solution identified -architecture: hybrid solution with shell and communication endpoints with Libra backend -next steps (Identity Server) and removing SQL users