Bogdan Curca

Bogdan Curca

Senior BI Developer at Ubisoft

Hi! I’m Bogdan Curca, Senior BI Developer at Ubisoft. During the past 9 years I have been implementing Business Intelligence solutions using various cutting edge technologies. My main objectives are to deeply understand the business needs and deliver systems that are actually used as a decisional support.

I’m passionate about technology and I enjoy playing with my kid, travel around the world and listening to good music.

See you on March 23th to have an overview about the data technologies we are using at Ubisoft and to learn how we leverage the power of distributed computing to transfer mountains of data in no time.

Big data going fast

Get an insight on how Ubisoft transfers rapidly vast amounts of data using Kafka and Storm to our Hadoop Data Lake and make it available in the Enterprise Data platform, where Informatica, Teradata and MicroStrategy collaborate to allow fast analytics.