Bianca Tesila

Bianca Tesila

Computer Scientist at Adobe | Space Nerd

Bianca is a passionate Computer Scientist at Adobe and has been working for Audience Manager for almost two years. In her current role, she actively contributes to the development of the AAM server-side and enjoys working on features that bring the customers closer to the solutions of their needs. Her interest in the society digitalization combined with the passion for innovative technologies are Bianca’s main drivers.

Run with data from all over the world and still be able to breathe – An Adobe Audience Manager Tale

Being the best Data Management Platform ( on the market does come with a price tag. Adobe Audience Manager has to deal with traffic from the entire world aka 23 billions of request per day, grasp on a total of 2 PB of stored data and maintain an average response time below 40 ms. Throughout […]