Adrian Petcu

Adrian Petcu

Software Architect at Ubisoft Bucharest

Hi! I’m Adrian Petcu, Software Architect at Ubisoft Bucharest.

During the past ten years I’ve also worn other hats – developer, technical project manager, team leader.

I’m currently focusing on architecting systems that are built for change, since change is the constant, guaranteed thing to be found in all the projects.

Besides building software I also love to play with my kids and tinker with stuff in my own DIY projects.

See you on March 23rd to get an insight of the Kafka ecosystem and how it can be used to develop loosely-coupled asynchronous applications that react fast to change.

Kafka: bringing unicorn technology to the enterprise

Thought initially as a technology to allow low-latency ingestion and routing of large amounts of event data at LinkedIn, Kafka has evolved and made bold steps in the enterprise world. The presentation will provide an insight of the Kafka ecosystem and explore its usage scenarios. Join us to see how it could fit in your […]