Promotion App v3 – The journey from a monolith to a scalable app

When eMAG’s programmers launched the previous version of their Promotion application in 2013, the business was active in one country, Romania, and had around ten thousands products. Time passed and they’ve expanded in three other countries (Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland). So now, in 2017, eMAG has around 3.5 million active products. Although the 2nd version of the app was constantly upgraded in the meantime, the monolith approach that used to work was no longer cutting it.
The presentation aims to take you on the wonderful journey of naïve expectations and estimations, customer influence, architectural decisions and sleepless release days and nights. It contains statistics that helped the team in the decision making process, a few tools used for performance testing, some shattered dreams and a lesson they’ve learned while releasing the Promo App v3 – a story written with PHP7.