IoT use cases


With our expertise in ICT and mobile technology, Ericsson is uniquely positioned as an attractive strategic partner for the automotive sector. We have developed a wide range of Connected Vehicle solutions that provide a cost-effective way to create new business relationships and take a key role in the emerging automotive ecosystem.
The Connected Vehicle Cloud is an agile and effective way for customers to manage the connected vehicle ecosystem. It enables service creation and offers the foundation for innovation.
Join us for this event to discover the details of this fascinating domain and how Ericsson solutions offered vehicle’s manufacturers and suppliers’ new opportunities to create direct channels to customers and to enhance their services.


The Maritime and Shipping industry is foreseen to undergo a radical development in transforming the ICT environment. Ericsson is addressing the industry challenges with a value proposition that helps the Shipping operators to transform their ICT environment with a number of solutions addressing the industry key pain points; Bunker fuel savings, Crew retention and development, Cargo management and ICT modernization.
The Maritime ICT ecosystem covers the mobile assets i.e. the vessels, shore based offices, the interconnection over Satellite links and integration to the IT Applications domain.
The core Ericsson offering is a fully integrated and Managed Operation for this ICT ecosystem.


5G, together with IoT and Cloud will accelerate the NETWORKED SOCIETY.
5G is much more than high performance, it will be a real game changer and we have the examples to prove it. The 5G road ahead will go from innovation platform for growth, to reality, enabling organizations to move into new markets and build new revenue streams.