Modern Easy IoT with Docker &

Modern Easy IoT with Docker &

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Are you curious about how IoT development works? Or are you already an experienced hardware hacker, looking to take your skills to the next level?


In this workshop you will learn how to build IoT devices using powerful development tools that will be familiar to anybody comfortable with modern web development. We will use Docker and to write, build & deploy software for real Raspberry Pis, in JavaScript or Python, to control motion sensors, LEDs and more. 


For this workshop you will be using a Raspberry Pi 3, with a Sense HAT. As an attendee, you will receive all the hardware required for the workshop, to use in the workshop and to keep for yourself afterwards, so you can continue with your projects later.


Catalyst Solutions is a full-service company with 11 years of experience in employer branding. Since 2006, we implement various innovative solutions in order to accomplish all our clients’ requests. With professionalism, we organize projects for any company who has interest in building and refining employer branding strategies or investing in raising their brand awareness. We are well known with great projects like DevTalks Romania, DevAfterWork,, TechTalks and Top Employers Fair. is a container-based platform to develop, deploy, and manage code running on remote IoT devices – quickly, safely, and at scale. 


Resin’s goal is to empower developers to write great applications for connected devices, without having to worry about the friction involved in getting your hardware working and keeping your application up to date.


Let’s meet on 7th of June to exchange ideas over a great workshop powered by Tim Perry from See you there! 



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