Re-read with Kafka

Re-read with Kafka

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As the reliable and integrated IT partner for the METRO GROUP, METRO SYSTEMS provides best-in-class IT solutions and services to support business with know-how and technological opportunities. The services provided by METRO SYSTEMS rest on a solid foundation: consistently implemented business principles guide our actions. Efficient and cost-effective retail processes, fast response and short delivery times are always at the focus of our attention.


All activities of METRO SYSTEMS are geared towards providing both our customers within the Group and the end consumers exactly the applications and services they need. To achieve this, METRO SYSTEMS Romania sees innovation as a strategic direction. Its specialists permanently improve the workflows by being creative and inventive. This triggers the important aspect of being on top of new technologies and methodologies. They come up with great ideas to sustain the whole value chain through new development methodologies, continuous integration and testing.


On 28th of November we are inviting you at DevAfterWork to discuss how we use Apache Kafka “to save” an old architecture from losing his clients. We will take you in the world of Metro, presenting you the use case, the limitations and restrictions that we had always in mind during the implementation of the new solution with Kafka.

If you are interested to find how we are dealing with deletion and “re-reading” of messages from Kafka queue, Save the Date!




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A great venue in the ultimate location.

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