How AI and Business System Analysis work hand in hand - powered by Raiffeisen Bank - DevAfterWork

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Join us for an engaging DevAfterWork event powered by Raiffeisen Bank on 14th December!

The presentation will cover the application of ChatGPT to both non-data and data analysts in the BSA field. Raiffeisen Bank speakers will showcase how this tool can be utilized to automate documentation, interpret code, and identify areas for improvement. By doing so, ChatGPT can enhance accuracy and save time, freeing up BSA professionals to focus on more complex tasks.

The presentation will also feature practical, real-life examples of how Generative AI can be incorporated into the daily activities of BSAs, demonstrating its potential for increasing productivity and improving governance processes.

Don't miss this opportunity to network, learn, and be inspired at the forefront of technological evolution.

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Event Speakers

Laura Cristea

Guild Lead Business System Analysis
Raiffeisen Bank

Dragos Paraschiv

Business System Analyst
Raiffeisen Bank

Corina Vasilescu

Business System Analyst
Raiffeisen Bank

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Meet us at Media Center Raiffeisen Bank
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