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Vodafone – A tech company : 
Our technologies and innovations go much further than telecommunications - we put our hearts and imagination into improving learning, healthcare, homes, community, commerce, the environment and more – for everyone.

We focus on technology and its easy integration into all the products and services that we provide them, the projects we initiate and the unique solutions we develop.

Together we build a better future - we integrate technology into everyday workflows to build the better future more efficiently you deserve. Innovation is part of how we bring the power of technology to everyone's ranks, develop unique connectivity scenarios, and customize solutions that respond effectively to needs.

Using technology to transform lives - We help the world to be more inclusive and connected! At Vodafone, we’re working towards a more sustainable world that’s better for all.


As the digital landscape evolves at breakneck speed, staying ahead of the curve is more important than ever. But in a world where customers’ demands constantly shift, and the focus on time-to-market  and the complexity of teams involved can be all-consuming, it's easy to leave behind important considerations like keeping track of new technology and optimizing workflows.

At our upcoming event, we'll be diving into the challenges of staying on top of the latest trends and libraries used in our digital stack, from identifying areas that needed improvement, researching of the latest tech, to testing, implementation and lessons learned.

We'll also be sharing the challenges we faced along the way and how we overcome them.

Join us to gain valuable insights into the world of our digital landscape and to meet the engineers behind our website and mobile app. Some of the key words we will discuss with you are ReactJS, NextJS, SSR, HeadlessCSS, ReactNative, CI/CD, AWS, and more.

Event Schedule

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18:00 - 18:15

Welcome and Intro

18:15 - 18:45

MyVodafone App React Native Upgrade + Q&A

18:45 - 19:05

Vodafone.ro performance boost + Q&A

19:05 - 19:30

Acceptance Testing Automation

19:30 - 19:45

Final Q&A and closing

Event Speakers

Sebastian Ciobanu

Front End Developer

Daniel Ilasoaia

Front End Developer

Victor Mindrila

Front End Developer

Sebastian Florescu

Team Leader & Testing Automation

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Meet us at Vodafone Office
Globalworth Tower - 201 Barbu Vacarescu Street, District 2, Bucharest., Bucharest