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Tech that matters in people’s lives

What makes Tech Area in ING Bank such a great place to work? Ask our colleagues! They’ll tell you about how we’re applying technology on a global scale to provide a superior customer experience that’s personal, easy, relevant and instant. And how we’re using the latest insights and tools to protect people’s personal data and their money. Above all, there’s one thing we care about most – making the difference in people’s lives. With tech that matters.

Tech Area in ING Bank: here’s what we offer

An empowering and collaborative culture

When we talk about empowerment, it means having the freedom to work in a way that works best for you. Empowered to design your work, to keep developing yourself and to steer your career, with a helping hand when needed. We’re forward-looking, open-minded, and up for discovering new things. Sharing what we know, asking questions, and bringing our ideas to the table, that’s how we get the best out of each other.

Making impact

Imagine adding a feature to an app that is being used by millions of people, multiple times a day. What about seeing your squad’s front-end application being adopted for use in other countries? Or protecting ING’s infrastructure on a global scale against cyberthreats? We’re here to make an impact. Using the latest technology and scalable platforms, all secure by design, we’re equipping customers to stay financially healthy and we’re helping to keep ING – and the entire financial system – safe, secure and resilient.

Challenge seekers wanted

We love a challenge. There are challenges wherever you look: cutting-edge technology, modular architecture, creating new app features, cloud technology and scalable platforms. All with the ambition of creating valuable interactions with our customers and set to the highest levels of security and ensuring 24/7 availability globally.

Finding a work-life balance

At Tech Area of ING Bank, we have a culture built on trust. Prefer to work from home or at the office? Early riser or night owl? Our hybrid way of working accommodates flexibility, as long as you participate as an active member of your team and make your contributions count. We give you the freedom to find the right blend of work life, home life and social life. It’s always a balancing act. As we say at ING: do your thing.

Discover ING Bank

ING believes in a world where everyone has the right to grow and progress in their own way. We express this in our global tagline, “do your thing”. Perhaps more than in any other large company, we extend our belief in the power of autonomy to our own people. But there’s a catch. In return for great freedom, we expect people to do great things for our customers, our stakeholders, and ING at large.

To work here is to be surrounded by people who are energetic, ambitious, friendly, and respectful: talented specialists who take the responsibility and autonomy to make great things happen. We stay curious, thrive on change, and seek new and better ways to make it happen. Active in Romania for more than 25 years, ING Bank pioneered and challenged the local banking industry. Technology and innovation are at the core of what we do, making our products relevant for our customers’ lives and businesses.

Currently, ING is the 4th bank in the local markets, based on the assets and is a universal bank with 1,6 million clients from three business segments: individual clients (Retail), SMEs and Mid-Corporate clients and Wholesale Banking.

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18:00 - 18:15

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19:15 - 19:30

Networking break

20:10 - 20:40

Networking, food and drinks

Event Speakers

Mihnea Simian

Chapter Lead – Front-End Development
ING Bank

Mihai Turcu

Chapter Lead - Automation
ING Bank

Dan Vlasceanu

IT Area Lead
ING Bank

Florin Dima

IT Application Architect
ING Bank

Alexandru Nedelcu

Scala Development Engineer
ING Bank

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