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Do you test your code? How much effort do you put into testing?

During this presentation we will speak about the benefits of doing multiple types of developer based functional testing. You will find out how an extensive testing approach, efficiently implemented, can actually save you time on the long term and guarantee the success of the delivery.


In the last few years, the programming has changed drastically per the way hardware evolved, where parallel processing, real-time, cloud, and several other approaches have been introduced to achieve higher performance. Lambda expressions and streams received a heartwarming welcome in Java 8.

Java has been around for more than 20 years and has been declared dead many times but it is still the world's most popular programming platform. Their big secret is compatibility, but evolving a platform in a way that doesn't break people's code and "runs forever" takes longer.


Java has evolved using this strategy preserving the investment in your code, your experience and your knowledge and JDK 14 & 15 are no exception.

This talk will focus on Java's latest features that adapt to rising developer expectations and address the right-sizing language ceremony.


Join us on October 15th to find out more!


About Playtika


Since 2010, Playtika has been a pioneer in the games industry. We were among the first to offer free-to-play social games on social networks and, shortly after, on mobile platforms. We were also one of the originators of live game operations, offering users personalized, daily game experiences with new events and exciting new features 365 days a year.

We have 10TB Daily processed data and 30M Monthly active users.


Our games have stood the test of time, leading with top-grossing titles for over five straight years. As new trends and technologies continue to disrupt and reshape the gaming landscape, our eyes are keenly set on becoming the world’s leading provider of casual game entertainment.

Through our diverse and constantly growing portfolio of games, we seek to create the most engaging and beloved entertainment experiences in the world.



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Event Speakers

Agnes Bolovan

Software Engineer & Scrum Master

Adrian Stoicescu

Java Tech Lead

Alin Ciungulescu

Java Tech Lead

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