Book your seat at our upcoming DevAfterWork events

Have you heard the news yet? This autumn is all about technologies and we are here to help you keep up with the latest trends. For sure your schedule starts getting overworked as the summer finish, so we thought you would like to take a break from your 9 am to 6 pm program and be part of one of ours DevAfterWork events.

As you may know, DevAfterWork is a series of informal networking events for the developers’ community. The events are specially tailored for an “after work” context; we will meet for 2 hours after the program to have in-depth talks, get new insights and share ideas with top IT specialists from the local community.

For this autumn we already have a list of upcoming events so take a look and choose what suits you best:

Ericsson – September 25, Bucharest
We encourage you be part of an interactive session about 5G where you can contribute with useful feedback and experience. Find out more about how Ericsson have developed the 5G technology based on business needs. Book your seat here:

Intralinks – September 26, Bucharest
Intralinks supports the largest community of financial services professionals and at DevAfterWork you can find out new insights about their services and products so start thinking about booking your free seat:

Vodafone Romania – October 3, Bucharest
By connecting people, places and things, Vodafone helps organizations succeed in a digital world. Come at DevAfterWork powered by Vodafone and learn how to make work simpler and more productive in a digital workplace.

Metro Systems – October 9, Bucharest
Metro Systems provides best-in-class IT solutions and services to support business with technological opportunities. Join us on October 9 to be part of a two and half hour event, filled up with great talks. Save your seat:

Stefanini – October 17, Bucharest
Being present at DevAfterWork powered by Stefanini is giving you the chance to gain new business insights and solutions that address both your current business challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. Save your seat!

Ubisoft – October 23, Bucharest
Let’s discuss about technology with a passionate team from Ubisoft on October 23. They offer you an open environment where any question has an answer. See you there!

Visteon – October 29, Timisoara
Find out more about a global technology company at the epicenter of the mobility revolution. Your vehicle should be an extension of your digital life so take a seat at our DevAfterWork event and let’s discuss about technology evolution.

Siemens – October 30, Brasov
Do you want to know more about the areas of automation and digitalization? DevAfterWork powered by Siemens is the event you need to attend in order to obtain the answers to all of your curiosities. Book your free seat!

Ericsson – October 31, Bucharest
If you couldn’t make it to the first DevAfterWork powered by Ericsson event in September, here comes another one in Bucharest. Technology is still our principal topic of the discussion so come after work and spend some time with the rest of us interested in the digital experience.

Virtual7 – November 6, Timisoara
With a technology expertise and self-developed solutions, Virtual7 is inviting you to a discussion about Java this November. See you after work!

Harman – November 7, Bucharest
Meet a brand that is changing the way people experience entertainment and information in their home, car and music studios. Take a peek of the way Harman is keeping up with the technology changes and make your registration.

The Access Group – November 20, Timisoara
Do you want specific solutions when it comes to making your workplace more suitable for your needs? Come to DevAfterWork powered by The Access Group and we will tell you how to accelerate efficiency and productivity, giving you the chance to do more of what’s important from your work schedule.

Siemens – November 21, Bucharest
If you weren’t in Brasov on 30th October to attend our DevAfterWork powered by Siemens event, now you have the chance to make your registration for Bucharest. The topics remain the same so be ready to receive the answers for your questions.

KAMBI – November 28, Bucharest
We finish the autumn season with one more event. DevAfterWork powered by KAMBI will be our event where you can find out more about providing an entertaining and exciting technology experience. So don’t miss the opportunity to save your seat.